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20th September, 1939 (Tuesday) - From Salt to Sand: A Demon the Fallen World War II [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Salt to Sand: A Demon the Fallen World War II

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20th September, 1939 (Tuesday) [Oct. 31st, 2006|12:16 pm]
From Salt to Sand: A Demon the Fallen World War II



The screaming didn't begin!  Damn Alex for making Morry rush off!  There was meant to be blood, hyper-violence and everything else that the group loves, as an exclamation point to all the investigating Strauss and Mikhail did, but Morry didn't get back until an hour before we had to leave, and Frost was exhausted and went to sleep.  So much for happy Halloween horrors...


I couldn't even get the costume I wanted.

Freya gets to the surface and is collected by a very irate Mekata who takes her back to the hotel Doleb booked into (he booked four rooms).  At the same time, Tobias is within the mirror reflection of his new host, O'Conelly, who has the weirdest desire to go to the same hotel to meet with people.  Mekata leaves Freya with Doleb so she can go looking for Peter.  Peter arrives with his hair dyed brown and his eyes back, brown eyes, as well as a jovial Cockney accent and a carefree attitude, along with a new name, Thr'Penny Jack.

Freya puts the moves on Jack after he gets her drunk on the whiskey flask, believing that it's the "right thing to do to please him".  Only to have him push her away.  She moans into her pillow, hugging the teddy bear he had retrieved for, and saying how much she preferred Peter.  Again she attempts to get close to him, again he forces her away, at which point there's a knock at the door and he goes to it, tossing her a joint to calm her down.  He goes out to speak with Doleb and Freya falls asleep.

At about this point, Raziel is in the back yard of that two-storey building.  He heads low heels clicking against the pavement, a torch beam wavering about, and hears a dog panting.  He drops the scarier parts of apocalyptic form, particularly since the little girl in his arms begins to panic at being held by a Giger-esque alien.  The pursuer drops the torch and trips over, going sprawling in that classic anime way, then looking over to him as he gives a greeting.  She cries out, blue eyes widening, and scrambles to pick up her torch, shining it at him.  She's got long, curly light brown hair, a big bruise on one side of her face and a thick Russian accent.

She tells him that there's a bomb somewhere on the street and that everyone was to evacuate.  As they head out, somewhere on the street explodes, the force being enough to partially demolish the building Raziel had been in although the explosion was centered elsewhere.  She admits that she has no home of sorts to go to and asks about the girl with Raziel.  He calls her his daughter, to which the child remains impassive, wishing only to pet the dog the woman - Bielkin - is leading.  A big, blue-eyed Husky.  Bielkin, with tears in her eyes, relates how she had two daughters and a husband, all dead in an earthquake in a Russian metro station.  They endeavor to talk about brighter things and Raziel begins to play "I spy..." with the little girl who also wants Bielkin to play.  The little girl's first go were the words: "Nice man."

O'Conelly comes cycling up to the Darlington Hotel, a rather mundane establishment, happening to run into Doleb and Thr'Penny as they come down.  Thr'Penny, hearing about his family, noticing Tobias' sword that O'Conelly picked up, goes and makes a phone call to an old friend of his known as Fingers to go pick up the man's family.  O'Conelly, being exceptionally trusting, helps him out, and even quickly buys the whole demons and vampires angle.  During this time, Freya sleeps.

Raziel arrives, invoked by Doleb, at the same time as Fingers rocks up in a beat-up old car and O'Conelly's family.  O'Conelly had a lot of explaining to do as he took his family up to one of the hotel rooms.  He decides to head home to develop the film from his camera after being convinced by Raziel and his own urgings, to touch the mirror and become Tobias.  Raziel and the little girl go inside and Bielkin walks off.

Raziel gets the 12-year-old girl a hot water shower and again attempts to contact Arekhala, eventually sweet talking her into rejoining the group.  He keeps bugging the girl to get out of the shower but despite the water being cold, she doesn't come out.  Eventually, he gets no response and ends up smashing the door down.  The window's open ... she's nowhere in sight.

He rushes outside only to see Bielkin being knocked from the alley, breaking her arm.  Tobias comes cycling up and notices the scene, just as Raziel rushes into the alley and sees a figure with long tentacles sprouting from its back, attempting to scale the alley walls.  He leaps up, takes hold of a tentacle and drags the bugger down but it attempts to climb further.  Raziel climbs all up and down its tentacles, finally forcing it to fall on the fifth floor, taking surprisingly little damage himself from the fall considering he had no Faith left.

Jack had contacted Ingrid and she told them only half the story.  Mark Borgustone got tailed to the Soho Sambo, which got relocated to Dalston, and that 'Peter' wanted them there so that they could be the investigative arm, considering how terrible the others had been.  She forgot to mention one important thing, and that was that they weren't going there to see Borgustone.  They were heading there because Doleb had sensed a few vicious imprints that suggested violence followed this one, beefy, curly-haired man around, who had flayed one woman in the alley outside and who had crushed a man's head beneath a pool table.  Whenever that man's around, trouble happens, and that man is there today...  So the hunter group rock up at the Soho Sambo, pay for membership, and start asking about the politician.

The other group head out in Fingers' car with Tobias cycling after them.  Raziel threatens the desk clerk for demanding money and goes to walk in without paying, earning him a glare from Arekhala, though not nearly as powerful a glare as when Raziel offered Freya as payment.  So Raziel is once again on a roll when it comes to wooing Arekhala and many of the brownie points he earned in convincing her to come back are thrown away ... again.

So they head on inside, meet up with Strauss and Mikhail, and despite being given the full story, start asking around about Borgustone, who wasn't even why they were here.  No one knew about Borgustone.  Raziel, for being loud and obnoxious, is abandoned by the rest of the group.  Arekhala buys a couple bottles that the establishment didn't offer to sell the others, and offers Strauss either the brandy or the gin.  Strauss chose the gin for later ... with Ingrid.  She then, being far more chummy with Strauss than she ever was with Izmael, offers him the multi-string diamond necklace that Raziel had given her.  Strauss refuses since it was a gift, so she gives it back to Raziel, who passes it to Strauss, "It was a gift to her and she wants you to have it."

Raziel then goes over to talk to a bunch of aggressive men while Strauss goes to talk to the strippers, who ask how Old Rusty's doing (the car they got) and offers to meet him outside once their dance is done.  The men want to score with Freya and Arekhala and Raziel says: "You can talk to them.  I doubt they'll go for you but you can talk to them."

So they come on over, much to everyone's annoyance, and start being very touchy feely.  Arekhala says: "If you can hold onto me, you can have me."  She proceeds to beat up two of the four men, going so far as to use her death touch on one of them, causing him to fall to the ground, choking, but still alive.  When she looks up, there is a look of blood lust and desire to hurt, even kill, Raziel.  Freya asks what's the matter and she snaps at her, causing Freya to leave the room, followed by Thr'Penny Jack.  Arekhala then marches past the others into the outer room and up towards the stairs.  Raziel follows her out and tells her that no matter what she thinks of him, they still need her.  She glares at him and keeps on going.

Freya and Thr'Penny talk a little, with Thr'Penny trying to make her feel better and understand that she doesn't need to hurt herself to help others.  Sometimes the best anyone can do for anyone else is be able to be happy.  Tobias interrupts and Freya and Thr'Penny start heading back inside.

Those inside get the sense that all hell is about to break loose...

And then we broke to go to Kevin's party.  Which was awesome, by the way.