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19th September, 1939 (Monday) - From Salt to Sand: A Demon the Fallen World War II [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Salt to Sand: A Demon the Fallen World War II

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19th September, 1939 (Monday) [Oct. 24th, 2006|11:37 am]
From Salt to Sand: A Demon the Fallen World War II


Well, this is a good bit of joining forces, I reckon, at least.

Elgor arrives at the hotel room. Illaria nips into the bath room to wash her hands, water forming under the locked door, glimpsing a naked Peter who covers himself with a towel, demanding to know what she would do if he ever busted in on her naked. She doesn't pay any attention, busies herself with cleaning herself up, then leaves the same way she had entered to go lie down. She seems a little traumatised.

Elgor wants to go right away to the Blood Court to show them the head of the alleged T.R.A.R.S. member with the Malefactor-made replica helmet. Arekhala begs him not to leave. Peter said they wouldn't succeed without Mikhail's presence and, through Ingrid, Mikhail has been contacted and is on his way over to help. Elgor, who's in quite a manic, flipped-out mood, presses her against the wall and propositions her. She half climbs up the wall and flips over his shoulders, demanding he take a break and wait, but Elgor doesn't want to wait. The next moment the door is fused to the walls and the bottoms of Elgor's shoes are melted into the floor. Arekhala refuses to admit she did it, though Elgor's Awareness lets him know it smells like her, but not quite her. The signature is fairly different.

She manages to make Elgor wait for Mikhail. Peter, who has finished his bath, tries to calm the two down, while Illaria has a shower. Mikhail arrives and heads for the room. Finds the room he was told to enter sealed and checks out the other door. He is let in by Peter. Elgor wants to leave now but Peter tells him to wait for Illaria, and goes to try and get Illaria to come out of the shower. No response. So, telling her that he's only doing what she did to him, unlocks the door and tells her to ready herself. Of course, he's blind, so its not like he sees her in her naked glory, but Illaria, who's sitting on the floor of the shower, knees pressed against her chest, doesn't seem to notice.

She ends up dressing and going along to Baroness Kishar. On the way through the lobby, Elgor goes to talk to the two gangsters sitting in the reception lounge while Illaria goes and takes their newspaper, flicks through it, and gives it back, giving Mikhail the impression that they were all on good terms.

Mikhails' Hide Edge activates at the mansion, and Baroness Kishar in a long dress, and Lord Tyrael, take them in to enjoy a little surprise. A small boy with a Malefactor Autarkis within him (in my game, an Autarkis is a Malefactor controlled and brain washed via a link of a Lady Seal leash - the Lady Seal being a demonic prison). The two Blood Court members offer the child to Elgor, thinking he is Raziel (he has been Flesh Shaped a lot by Raziel and so reeks of his syllables). Elgor refuses, saying that he doesn't bother with already broken bodies, so they bring him a fresh little boy. Elgor plays along for a minute, brings out the shock-baton he'd gotten from T.R.A.R.S. and hits Lord Tyrael, making his lose his action for the next turn.

The Baroness Kishar attempts to flee and Illaria tracks her down and ends up beheading her with her katars. Elgor and Lord Tyrael fight hard, until Elgor is knocked down, loses his shock-baton, and has it used against him. He eventually wins, regardless.

Mikhail grabs the Autarkis by the hand and the other child, and starts downs some side passage stairs. The Autarkis is commanded to attack Elgor and it attempts to, in full apocalyptic half-sized form, but Mikhail just ignores its psychotic behaviour and lugs it along - it isn't too strong. He smashes a vase, looking for a key to the locked back door. Doesn't find it. Tries to head back up so he can escape the way he came, activating the symbol of his hand and taking one Spiral damage in order to take the child out of its weird violence. They run out onto the balustrade and the Autarkis attempts to take flight. Mikhail leaps over the edge as some thralls with flaming swords come up the stairs themselves to attack Illaria. He ends up injecting the child with the sedative in the umbrella Peter helped place within the umbrella's tip and flees in a very expensive car.

Mikhail jars his ankles on the landing, and all three of them run for the front doors. A weird goo begins oozing down the windows and doors. Mikhail manages to escape before the ichor hits the bottom, fleeing with the two children.

The mansion itself fills with smoke. Elgor uses his Fire Wand to shoot a hole in the ichor, temporarily, and scramble through before it reformed. He abandoned Illaria because the curse on the Fire Wand intensified his dislike of her into a 1-pt loathing.

Illaria searched for an escape and only barely managed to make it out alive when, as she fell unconscious, she called for Mekata who realms-walked to her and dragged her out. She woke up on the bed just as Mikhail came into the lobby, chatted to the two gangsters in the lobby who were there to keep an eye on everyone, let them know the unconscious child he carried was a Malefactor and admitted to a few other things he rather wouldn't have to a pair of strangers.

Elgor stalked through with Kishar's head, which he pretended was just a replica of Caterina Capellaro's head, all the while dealing with James and Sinclair's terrible joking banter as he heads up into his hotel room.

Mikhail places the Autarkis on the couch and then heads back to Strauss.

At this point, it is about midday.  They approach the two gangsters, Illaria has breakfast with them and they try to convince her to visit Paris and leave London.  They tell the others that they owe about three hundred pounds.  So the demons and all that use Arekhala's portal to get to an abandoned flat and leave the debt behind.

Elgor becomes Raziel after Siobhan tells him to stay away from a large mirror that he'll see tonight.  She warns Illaria as well.  Raziel and Arekhala get along fine, and even trick Illaria, pressing her against the glass and bringing a very frightened Freya back, who cowers with Emily for comfort.  Emily, despite being a demon of Grief, has no idea how to react and merely pats her shoulder.  Peter tries to talk her into sanity,  botches, and thinking that she liked Shaunessy, attempts an Irish accent that reminds her too much of Liam Conner.  He tries again, eventually succeeds in repressing her PTSD for awhile at least, through his sheer therapeutic goodness.

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