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19th September, 1939 (Monday) - From Salt to Sand: A Demon the Fallen World War II [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Salt to Sand: A Demon the Fallen World War II

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19th September, 1939 (Monday) [Oct. 24th, 2006|11:32 am]
From Salt to Sand: A Demon the Fallen World War II


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This was a good session to play, despite the fact that Morry had to wait for two hours before waking us up because me and Frost had a nap, only for me to turn off the alarm in my sleep. Morry was too polite to kick in the door until a few hours had passed. Good thing Colin was here to let him in in the first place. Hey Mozza, if ever we dont answer the door for Demon the Fallen, give our window a good banging to wake us up.

So they began with Nakhimov and Chizkhova patting them down, disarming them, and then checking their faces, particularly around the neck area, and shining a light on their left ears - about the same place as their earrings.

Mikhail asked whether they knew of a Russian group who was moving around and while Nakhimov denied any knowledge, he sensed she was lying and tried again. She merely said that she had a few things but she wasn't sure. He then asked why they were hiding their Russian accent. Nakhimov admitted to being Russian but tried to hide it because the British would think her a Chekist (Russian spy) if they saw her snooping. Chizkhova was a Eugoslavian, she merely learned her English off a Russian.

He asked what they were doing here and they said they were here to stop England from allying with Nazi Germany, much the same as the others. They stated that several key political candidates and their aides were being funded from interesting companies, including the Calico Toy Company, and other 'family'-based conglomerates. The three main political Fascists being Borgustone, Murphy and, to some extent, Daniel, though Daniel hadn't seem to have signed on, he was merely being courted. 

He asked about Mehmet Makryat and they know what the others know.  That and they mention how he's been frequently seen at Doctor Shaunessy's lectures.

An American, fresh-faced like a green recruit, and with a great smile full of brilliant white teeth, bangs on the door. They call him Rukov, which is his code name. He's got a very sore shoulder to neck area, though there's no visible wound or bandaging there, suggesting an internal wound or pulled muscle. There's cops coming to arrest them.

They escape across the rooftop, Rukov saves Ingrid from falling from the plank pressed between rooftop and ledge on the next building. Mikhail is motivated into extreme athleticism, darting around easily (got like seven successes on five dice or something). They drop down onto some scaffolding, smash a window into the apartment on the building across from theirs, crawl through. Chizkhova drops a few pounds on the owners' dressing table as the woman stares at them, stunned. Strauss pushes a wardrobe in front of the window.

They rush out. A neighbour, attacted by the noise, appears with a bat, and hits Strauss good, before being disarmed by Strauss. They rush downstairs and Mrs. Carella hot wires a car. Chizkhova and Rukov sneak into the sewers while the others get into the car.  A cop car comes swinging up from behind as two others form a barricade further ahead.  Mikhail increases speed and ploughs through the small gap between cop cars, swings around a corner and rushes off, but as he drifts around that tight corner, a man hops up onto the running board and Strauss slams open the door, knocking him off.

One of the cop cars pulls into the wrong lane and tries to get out in front of Mikhail but Mikhail increases to top speed.  The cop, then, has his passenger bring out a gun and Strauss darts across and smashes him in the face with the edge of the cricket bat, knocking him out.  The car swerves and pulls away.  More cop cars up ahead so Mikhail attempts to turn left, only to have a car slam into his side, spinning the car around.  Mikhail puts the car into the right gear, revs the back wheels and does a reverse doughnut around the cop car, just after Strauss slams his bat through the window (which he had by this time opened) and shatters the driver's side window,  blinding the driver.  Mikhail moves himself into the proper position to head through the alley.

They manage to lose their followers and lose the car.  Nakhimov grasps Mikhail's chin and tells him that he was beautiful and that she is very impressed.  Getting new clothes, they stop by a tea room after dropping off a note in a spike beneath the root of a tree.  They give anecdotes about their past and Nakhimov and Ingrid get into a debate about whether the world is fair or not.  A mild tremor occurs.

As the place closes, Rukov comes up to them, and tells them about an associate of theirs in Hotel Paragon who hasn't checked in since he went to check on an apparently faulty radio suitcase hidden in the hotel room.  First, they go and pick up the car, 'Old Rusty' from an underground car park in Oxford, not far from that particular hotel room.  Mikhail finds it difficult to drive 'Old Rusty', which despite its name, just looks like a rather dull, ordinary car, and which drives like it has power steering and four wheel drive.  Still, it moves like a beast.

Rukov finds out if the people in Room 807 has checked out and when he finds that is true, they go up to the eighth floor, and Strauss has to delay the room service lady while Mrs. carella picks the lock.  They get into Room 807 and ponder how to break into the intersecting door and get the others.  Rukov takes from his tool belt - which is just a belt out the front and has tools under the jacket and back of the coat - the equivalent of an opti-wand and it sets it under the door frame.  He sees three figures - the red-haired Galding whom Rukov suggests might be a demon - and two others.  Mikhail activates the Sight and peers through, seeing them as they are, a demonic image super-imposed over the body and two that look somewhat 'wrong' - and who his Zeal Edge recognise as having dilated eyes and slightly thickened veins.

Anyway, so Rukov goes and steals a fire extinguisher as a potential weapon that Nakhimov ends up using.  Strauss grabs a heavy vase and the shock-stick and Mikhail readies himself with his needle-umbrella, a gas mask (nabbed from the boot of 'Old Rusty' where two were in hiding - Strauss wore the other one) and a gas grenade he'd gotten from Peter.  Mrs. Carella unlocks the side door.  Rukov bangs on the hotel room door out in the corridor, demanding to see if his wife was in there with another man.  The demon drags his tortured victim over by the bed (he's tied to a chair, horribly mangled) and out of view of the door.  Rukov is told to leave and he does so.  As this occurs, Mikhail takes the moment to slip inside, attempting to activate Hide, and failing miserably to Hide from the monsters' eyes.

Seeing this happen, Nakhimov alerts Mrs. Carella who throws open the door so Strauss can rush in to back him up.  Nakhimov wins the initiative, rushes in and sprays one of the henchmen's face and eyes with a fire extinguisher, blinding him.  He strikes her, hard, smashing her up against the wall, and knocking her down for a few rounds.  Mikhail marches up to Galding and spikes him with the umbrella on his first go.  The sedative dice rolls high.  Galding's Stamina doesn't.  He barely manages to take on apocalyptic form before falling unconscious.  Strauss hits with the vase until it shatters.  He attempts to deal damage with the shock-baton only twice, the other two times he merely taps them with it, managing to knock out one of them without dealing any real damage, and stunning the other one just long enough for Rukov to rush up behind and cuff him.

Nakhimov, again, flirts with Mikhail while Rukov calls for a clean-up crew to come help take out the suspects and bring a stretcher for their poor, beaten and unconscious friend.  They all don gas masks (normal sorts, not like the T.R.A.R.S. lot had) and are handed out shotguns that the big black man out of the duo clean-up crew assured wouldn't damage anybody so long as it wasn't aimed at their face - so Mikhail nicked a bullet for later investigation - and the muscular, Asian woman glared at Strauss and Mikhail, obviously not liking their involvement.  They threaten the hotel as they leave.  No one attempts to intervene.  They hop into the dark grey van and speed off, only to be dropped off in the middle of the Oxford, their bag of clothes tossed at them.  Mikhail's kleptomania means he attempts to steal one of the vests off the wall, only to get thoroughly scolded for it.

Mikhail, Strauss and Carella head back to 'Old Rusty' and take off in the car to meet up with Ingrid at the Darlington Hotel in Soho.

Again, I'm deeply sorry, Morry for switching off that alarm.  Next time I promise we'll start on time.